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Meridian Norstar 3x8 Norstar 6x16 DR5.1 Norstar 6x16 DR1 Norstar 6x16 DR5 Norstar 6x16 DR5 Programming User Guide

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Owners Handbooks for: Norstar UL 3x8 - Norstar UL 6x16 (DR5.1) - Norstar UL 6x16 (DR1) - Norstar UL 6x16 (DR5) - Norstar UL 6x16 (DR5.3)
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Norstar User Guides and Manuals

Norstar UL 6x16 DR1 PDF 5.5M
Norstar UL 6x16 DR5 PDF 5.4M
Norstar UL 6x16 DR5DS (Disconnect Supervision) PDF 11M

Owners Handbooks for: Norstar 6x16 DR1 - Norstar 6x16 DR5 - Norstar 6x16 DR5DS (Disconnect Supervision)

In addition to basic telephone service, your Norstar system has many extra features that will greatly improve your office communications.

When the Norstar system is first installed, it takes a bit of time to settle into using new equipment. Norstar minimizes this orientation by providing straightforward features and simple instructions.

You can maximize the benefits of by selecting one individual in your office to administer the system. This individual aids in the customization of the system and acts as a resource for co-workers by developing a broad knowledge of Administration programming and feature operations. This Guide serves as a reference for such an individual.

You play an important role in customizing to suit the organization and updating information as the off ice grows and changes. Can be customized at three levels.

Personal programming is done by individual telephone users who wish to personalize their telephones by programming features and telephone numbers onto specific memory buttons.

You do Administration programming when you want to change various system-wide settings, as well as some specific settings for each line or telephone.

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