M7310 Phone by Nortel Networks 8 Line telephone Meridian Norstar NT8B20

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Nortel Networks M7310
Multi Line Telephone

Nortel Networks - Norstar M7310 (NT8B20) Phone Set     Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar
   Item : M7310 Phone Set
   Availability : New/Refurbished
   Colors : Black, Ash, Grey
   Part Number : NT8B20
   New : CALL
   Refurb : $59.00

Features & Benefits

This fully-featured Norstar M7310 phone is designed for users with more extensive calling and call handling requirements.

In addition to 10 programmable line or feature buttons, 12 dual-function memory buttons provide quick access to 24 additional frequently-used features or autodial numbers, ideal for users who often call the same customers, suppliers, or accounts.

With its 2-line by 16-character LCD Window, and softkeys, the Norstar M7310 (NT8B20) is extremely easy to use.

The Norstar M7310 phone is capable of handling extensive calling and call handling requirements. The 12 dual-function memory buttons, with a Shift button, provide access to a total of 24 additional frequently-used features or autodial numbers.

A Busy Lamp Field (BLF) can be attached to the Norstar M7310 to monitor the station status for buttons programmed for internal autodials.> The Norstar M7310 phone is ideal for group answering positions, such as secretaries, managers, professionals, and Norstar system administrators with or without a BLF.

Businesses requiring extensive autodialing and feature access would also benefit from using this terminal. The Norstar M7310 phone is useful for departments, such as purchasing, sales or accounting, where the same suppliers, customers or accounts are frequently called.

For secretaries, the Norstar M7310 phone and BLF can provide backup answering services. Norstar system administration is made easy using the Norstar M7310 phone.

  • 10 programmable line/feature buttons.

  • 12 dual-function memory buttons provide quick access to 24 additional features or auto-dials.

  • 2-line by 16-character LCD display with softkeys.

  • Can be expanded with Norstar Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

  • And MUCH MORE!

      Norstar M7310

    The Norstar M7310 phone is useful for departments, such as purchasing, sales or accounting, where the same suppliers, customers or accounts are frequently called.

    Part Numbers related to this Telephone Set:
    M7310, NT8B20, NT8B20AA03, NT8B20AA23, NT8B20AA35, NT8B20AA93, NT8B20AB03, NT8B20AB35, NT8B20AB93, NT8B20AC03, NT8B20AC35, NT8B20AC93, NT8B20AE, NT8B20AE03, NT8B20AE35, NT8B20AE93, NT8B20AF03, NT8B20AF35, NT8B20AF93, NT8B20BB03, NT8B20BB35, NT8B20BB93
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    Common Telephone System Features & Terms

    Control Unit, KSU (Key Service Unit): In smaller office phone systems the control unit is commonly referred to as the "Brain" or "phone box". The size of the control unit determines the maximum configuration. Most business phone systems have a number in the name such as "Meridian Norstar 616" or "Meridian Norstar 824 or the MICS 0x32". These numbers usually refer to the maximum configuration of the system although not always. The "616" would mean 6 incoming lines and 16 telephones (extensions). The "824", 8 incoming lines and 24 telephones (extensions). The 824 Norstar phone system is expandable to 56 incoming lines and 56 telephones (extensions) by adding expansion modules.

    Note: All key telephone systems have music on hold.

    Co lines: These are the incoming phone lines from your local telephone company.

    Extensions Stations: These are the actual telephones. They are extensions of the telephone system. They look like telephones and work like telephones, But only work with the control unit and will not work if they are plugged into a regular telephone line from the telephone company. So, if you ever move, Don't forget the control unit.

    Voice Mail-Auto Attendant: voice mail systems with the auto attendant is like having a receptionist 24 hours a day without paying labor costs. The auto attendant is an answering service that answers incoming calls with a company greeting,plays a list of options to a caller, and transfers calls to the different departments, then to mail boxes if that extension is not answered, or back to a main directory. The auto attendant can be turned off during business hours and answered manually. The person answering the call can transfer calls to the different departments and mail boxes. The voice mail system is a separate unit from the telephone system, it is wired into an extension port on the telephone system and is programmed to answer after a determined amount of rings. Voice mail comes in different sizes 2 port,4 port, 6 port and up, it depends on the amount of incoming traffic your company has.

    Ports: The term port means circuit. For instance, a 2 "Port" voice mail system has 2 circuits to handle call traffic. The number of ports on a voice mail system is directly related to the number of users that can be in voice mail at the same time. An example the "Norstar Startalk Flash" voice mail system is 2 port and 24 mail boxes and is expandable to 4 ports and 48 mailboxes. The term "port" is used when describing a telephone system it refers to the combined number of lines and extensions. An example of this would be the "Meridian Norstar Modular ICS with XC software ". This telephone system supports up to 272 total system ports.

    Things to think about before purchasing a office phone system.

    Many companies today have purchased telephone equipment that was just right for there company only to find out that as there company grow there phone system could not. Estimating your future growth today may not cause you problems in your telephone system later. These are questions you need to consider when purchasing a telephone system.

    What is the maximum number of phones that I can have on my business phone system?
    What is the maximum number of phone lines (co lines) for my phone system?
    Can I add phone equipment to increase the number of phones or phone lines?
    Can I add features to my phone system such as voicemail?
    I need 4 phones so I must need 4 lines, right?

    NO! Picking phone lines really depends on the number of calls you receive in a day, how many phones lines will be used at the same time. If you were running a sales office and you had 4 phones lines with 4 sales people and they were all on there phones, new callers would get a busy signal. You would more likely need 6 to 8 phone lines. A fax lines can be shared with the credit card terminal,shipping terminal or anything else, But not at the same time.

    Hunt Group,Rotary Lines- Meaning if line 1 is busy it will roll over to line 2 an on down to your last line. Don't put the fax line in the hunt group, Because if all lines are busy the next caller will get the fax machine. "Not good for business." When ordering your CO lines from your local telephone company order them in a hunt group, i.e. Ordering 6 lines, put 4 in the hunt group 1 for the fax and 1 for a modem or 5 in the hunt group and share 1 line for the fax and the modem.

    Meridian Norstar phone systems are one of the best on the market. "We think the best business phone systems". Nortel Networks has been designing communication systems for over 50 years. Product lines such as the Meridian Norstar are designed with usability and longevity in mind. Nortel’s Norstar phone systems provides you with an expandable system that will support your companies growing needs. With usability and reliability combined.

    About the Meridian Norstar Phone Systems
    We specialize in wholesale distribution of both new and refurbished Norstar phone systems and Norstar phone equipment, plus Nortel Phone Systems, Lucent phone systems, and Panasonic phone systems. Our refurbished Norstar phone systems and other Norstar telephone systems are extensively tested, and include a twelve month warranty and advance replacement policy.

    Meridian Norstar telephone systems are very advanced, but equally important, they are very easy to use office phones. Norstar's flexibility allows the office phone system to be tailored to the way a business works and upgraded and enhanced, as business needs change. There are several members of the Norstar Office Phone System family from the compact 6 line 16 extension system to the ISDN 30 compatible 0x32 modular system capable of up to 128 extensions. Ensuring we can tailor a Norstar Phone System to your needs. There are four Norstar system phones in the range which can be easily programmed to suit individual needs. By connecting a Norstar voice processing system, the Norstar phone system can be programmed to answer calls, take messages and pass messages on – accurately, professionally, 24 hours a day.

    Norstar has an office phone to suit every job. All four Norstar office phones have digital displays showing the time and date. All but the most basic Norstar office phones can be easily programmed by the user to meet their personal office phone preferences and offer hands-free operation with optional headsets. For operators and administrators - the M7324 office phone has a 2 line display which prompts the user to use certain office phone functions using three special 'softkeys' that respond to the screen. The Norstar Office Phone Memory keys give access to up to 24 features, lines or extensions. The Norstar Office Phone LCD indicators show when lines or extensions are busy. The Norstar Office Phone capabilities can be extended by adding Central Answering Position modules, designed for operators managing incoming calls on larger Norstar phone systems. For intensive use - the M7310 is The Norstar Office Phone most people prefer. The Norstar Office Phone is ideal if you make and receive lots of calls. With the same 2 line LCD and soft key functionality, up to 24 speed dial keys are available on the The Norstar Office Phone, plus 10 memory keys for line access or frequently used features. This Norstar Office Phone is easily flexible enough to meet most needs.

    For office phone general use - the M7208 incorporates a 1 line display and 8 memory keys for access to lines or frequently used features. This Norstar Office Phone is ideal for those who mainly receive calls or make mostly internal calls.

    For low Norstar Office Phone use - the M7100 is the right Norstar phone for a warehouse or conference room, where it may only be used occasionally. This Norstar Office Phone provides access to Norstar's features solely via codes, rather than through programmable one touch feature keys.

    Nortel Networks, Nortel, Norstar, Meridian, and Startalk are the registered trademarks of Nortel Networks INC.

    1 800 LA Phones is not affiliated with Nortel Networks.

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