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Nortel Networks Nortel CICS 4.2 SCG Hospitality Feature Card

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Meridian Norstar - Nortel Networks - Nortel CICS 4.2 SCG
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Norstar User Guides and Manuals

Nortel CICS 4.2 SCG PDF 11M

Getting started with Norstar

Your Norstar digital key system has many powerful features that can be customized to keep up with changes in your workplace.

Using this guide

The person who is responsible for adding or moving telephones or making changes to the system is called the system coordinator. This Nortel CICS 4.2 SCG guide is designed to give the system coordinator all the information he or she needs to carry out these kinds of jobs on the Nortel CICS 4.2 SCG. The first section contains step-by-step instructions on changing the time and date, deciding how many rings it takes before a call is forwarded and other day-to-day programming. Once you understand these basic steps, you can move on to the many other features described in the second section of the guide, and refer to the first section only from time to time.

You can look at the contents page for an overview of the features for the Nortel CICS that are available, or check the index for specific features or messages displayed on your telephone.

Understanding programming

When your Nortel CICS 4.2 SCG system is installed, your installer or customer service representative programs it to work with your telephone lines, with your private network, if you have one, and with optional equipment. They customize the system for your office. All programming is recorded in the Norstar Programming Record.

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